On Monday 23rd, me and my good pal Amy set off for 3 days of camping and shooting in Great Langdale, laden down with everything you could possibly need in the middle of the mountains. When me and Amy travel, we don't travel light. (And yet we still managed to forget the foot pump for the air bed, well done girls....well done!).

Our first morning there after a rather un-comfy sleepless night, we were up at 4:00am for a sunrise shoot at Blea Tarn. And oh man were we glad we 'got up' shall we say! The landscapes, light and peacefulness were a welcome change from my usual busy city life, we all took as much time as we could to appreciate it and soak up the stillness. We photographed, talked and just sat for 3 hours. 

After food, LOTS of coffee (and I mean lots) back at camp, we headed back up to Blea Tarn to meet approximately 40 other photographers for a day of shooting, chatting, networking and just general merriment. There were several 'sessions' organised for the afternoon by Amy-leigh & Chris. 2 couple portrait sessions with Lucas Piatek who travelled all the way from Germany & Hadyn Rydings, and a bridal session hosted by the bestie Amy Faith! WOO go Amy!! 

I attended Lucas's session, and F*CK am I glad I did! That man is full of freaking awesome knowledge and experiences. (SOZ Amy, I know your session rocked!, but I had too). 

After stumbling back to the pub after a ridiculously long day, we drank, and pretty much fell asleep sitting up, so me and Amy gave up and slept! ALL FREAKING NIGHT! on....wait for it...A fully inflated air bed! Thank you random stranger for taking pitty on us! We should of known a tyre pump definitely wouldnt work! 

On the last day, we packed the car to bursting, said our goodbyes and me, Amy & Lucas headed back to Blea Tarn for one last shoot, this time, conceptuals! Amy's head is literally fit to bursting with mad ideas (i'm definitely more of a couples photographer than conceptual, so I let her have free reign). We donned some gorgeous dresses and wigs, YES wigs! And spent a couple of hours shooting some absolutely crazy conceptual images. I might of ended up in the lake surrounded by wild flowers. Just a tiny bit excited to see them! 

My aim going into this meet and shoot was to relax, shoot for fun instead of money, and to learn from others around me, and hopefully come away with some portfolio changing images. And I can 100% say with all certainty, that, that is exactly what I came away with! 

I want to say a massive thank you to Amy-Leigh, Chris, Lucas, Hadyn, Amy & Jamie! 

You organised one majorly successful meet, and I can safely say that every single person that came along, camping or not, are now suffering from major post meet up blues! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experiences and for just generally being badass photographers! You guys ROCK!

[vimeo 168406994 w=1920 h=1080]