Exploring with the Mama.

Florence, Italy


"Can you believe the last time we went on holiday together was when we went to Northern Spain"

Considering that trip was when I was about 13, and I am now 25, it's just one of many reasons why this trip was so special. The first being that my awesome Mama has been dying to visit Italy her entire life. One major thing that we have in common (besides the fact that we are direct clones of each other), is our mutual love for Italian food, and beautiful architecture, which made Florence the perfect location for our first proper trip together in over 12 years. 

We had so many plans, but really, when we got there, we went with the flow, did what we wanted, ate when we wanted, drank when we wanted, and explored everything Florence had to offer.

We walked the Ponte Vecchio, eagerly visited The Uffizi (another dream of Mama's), explored the Cattedrale Di Santa Maria Del Fiore, shopped until we dropped, drank copious amounts of coffee in one of our favourite cafe's, tasted every last bit of Italy's finest cuisine we could, pottered round the Museo Nazionale De Bargello, stared at the architecture for hours and hours, sat on Palazzo Della Signoria sipping cocktails and making friends with waiters. We had the proper Italian experience. 

It really was the best trip.