When thinking of a wedding, most people think, white dress, tails, that perfectly round bouquet of flowers, the country house and the church ceremony. Well I’m here not to tell you that these ideas of the perfect wedding are wrong, but that they are NOT set in stone, and they are definitely NOT for everyone! And personally, they aren’t for me either.

It’s no secret that I’m not a traditional person. I’m a total weirdo and love all things alternative, quirky, and quite frankly batsh*t crazy. Give me tattoos, tequila, pizza and NO WHITE!

So a few weeks ago I contacted Hannah & Matt about helping me create an alternative styled shoot in Northern Quarter, with the sole purpose of encouraging some of my more quirky couples to ditch the traditional white and tails, and consider some alternatives that might be right up their street.
I wanted to help any alt couples out there struggling between keeping your family and friends happy, and doing your own thing, that you should always always always do your own thing. Because it can look this damn cool!

I chose outfits that reflected both Hannah & Matt’s more rock n roll alternative style, as well as items that are really trending at the moment in the alt wedding industry. Like for example velvet, patterned shirts, sequins, and big ol’ fedoras (more people should wear hats at weddings if you ask me). All of the items which I sourced are budget friendly and look freaking badass, and can definitely in my eyes be worn for a wedding. I also opted for BIG ASS FLOWERS. Because small is out, and big is most definitely in! The addition of ribbons adds movement and colour and is also bang on trend at the moment. Why not give it a go and add it to your wedding!
Keep scrolling for some alternative AF wedding inspiration.


Skirt - Asos
Sequin Top - Asos
Fedora - All Saints
Boots - Doc Martens
Leather Jacket - Mama Inc Studio
Flowers - Chloe Robinson Designs
Velvet blazer - Moss Bros
Patterned Shirt - River Island