As you all know I’m very untraditional in my approach to wedding photography. So before we get started, let me just state that this blog post is not to undermine anybodies idea of a perfect wedding day. Or to bash certain ideas. I am simply writing this post to help inspire people to embrace more modern ideas of wedding photography. Like everything, we must evolve!

As a photographer/creative, it is essential that I change and adapt to keep up with evolving trends, techniques and styles within this fast paced and exciting industry. I have to make sure I am always on top of my game, always pushing forward, and always aiming to create new and amazing content for my incredible couples.

After all
Happy Couples = Happy Lucy!

So as well as sharing lots of beautiful weddings with all new and past couples, I also like to help educate my future couples in the new trends and styles within the wedding photography industry. Today however, I am hoping to shed light on some rather ‘outdated’ images which everybody assumes they HAVE TO TAKE on their wedding day. Let me re-phrase, they assume ‘I’ have to take on the wedding day.

Below is a list of ‘in my opinion’ the most outdated images which as a photographer I frequently get asked to take. But, are actually some of the least loved and viewed images from the entire wedding day.
And really need to be removed from wedding days entirely!

Because isn’t that the point in the long run? Shouldn’t you as my couple, love ALL of your wedding images, not just some!?

The aim of this blog post is to make sure you come away loving every single wedding image - Loving it so much you want to frame it and show it off.



Back int’ day, it was traditional for families to have ‘formal’ portraits taken either in front of the house, or in the living room or the garden just before leaving the house. As a wedding photographer I know that a few family portraits are expected, which is why I usually capture these as quick and efficiently as I can following the ceremony. So in terms of time, ease and amount of images taken, it seems silly to me to take two duplicated lots of family portraits during the day. And as a candid wedding photographer I always supply lots and lots of gorgeous candid captures of all your nearest and dearest. I want you to spend as much time as possible having fun, laughing, smiling, drinking and enjoying your big day. So lets not pile on more formal photos than are realistically needed.



Now this is one shot I never really understood. Posed shots of the Bride and her father in the car before the ceremony, and a posed shot of the Bride and Groom post ceremony. To me, this is a rather unnecessary shot as it really doesn’t serve a purpose, and is highly unlikely to ever be framed. Now that’s not to say that I simply ignore the cars entirely, it just means that whatever shots you do get that involve the cars and yourselves, will be natural, beautiful and creative. Remember the aim is to come away with 100% lovable and frame-able wedding photos.



Now this, this is the big one!!
This is the one image which I without fail get couples telling me is their least favourite image, and they never ever look at it ever again. That ‘posed’ shot of the signing of the register. Little unknown fact - you actually cannot photograph the official signing of the register, due to data protection. So the only shot you get is a staged shot with a blank register. So it begs the question, why on earth do we feel the need to take a photo of it???

Makes no sense right? So lets not!!



Cutting a cake? Really? Nahhhhhhh!

I’d much prefer you just stuff it in your face. Seriously though. Do that please.

The wedding cake dates back to the Roman Empire. The custom was for the groom to break the cake over the bride’s head to symbolise the end of the bride’s virginal state, ensure fertility, and the beginning of her husband’s power over her. 

In modern tradition the Bride and Groom cut the bottom layer together symbolising the continuity of their relationship.
Hmm. Ok.

But seriously, I don’t know how many weddings you have been to? But I have shot 40 weddings a year for 6 years, and without fail, this is the most awkward and weirdest shot I have to capture. Couples never know where to stand, how to cut, why they are even cutting it, and they stand there like a deer in headlights whilst all their family and friends gather with their camera phones and make them stand like statues whilst they blind them with their camera flashes. Nope nope nope. WEIRD!

I think i’d prefer it if the groom broke it over the brides head, at least that would be funny. Amma right???


I hope this helps all those relaxed chilled couples out there think more about ditching the outdated ‘traditional’ shots and embracing all those amazing candid moments which make up your incredible wedding day!

Aim for 100% creativity and candid, and less of the old formalities which don’t really fit with modern life.