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As many of you know, I am currently in Slovenia. Now this isn't just for a random holiday, I flew out here last Tuesday for one heck of an amazing wedding. A wedding that I have been pee my pants excited for, for the past year and a half. (Sorry not sorry).

Like any other photographer hired to travel abroad to capture a wedding, I did my research beforehand. I knew I was in for a treat and I knew their location was out of this world amazing. But really, google doesn't prepare you for quite how amazing this country really is. A country which when I mention it to other people is always met with "Why Slovenia?"....Well ladies and gents, you are in for both a treat and shock, and I guarantee that when you finish scrolling through this blog post you will be adding Lake Bled to your 'bucket list'.

Day 1 & 2 - Ljubljana
I flew out to Slovenia on Tuesday with my close friend and fab second shooter Natalie, on the same flight as both Charlotte & James and most of their family and friends. Which made it that much more exciting. When we landed we all piled into mini buses and headed for the capital of Slovenia. Ljubljana. A City I can only describe as a mixture between Italy and Austria. It's architecture meant I spent the majority of my time looking upwards and tripping over my own feet, but hey, I don't even care! WORTH IT. For the first 2 nights, we stayed in one great big apartment with what Charlotte & James referred to as the 'Young-uns', translated means the wedding party haha. We were quickly thrown into it with a communal bathroom and hostel style sleeping arrangements. What a way to break the ice ey? But you know what, it worked! I felt like I got to know everybody super quick, and really fell into the whole wedding atmosphere perfectly. Everybody was welcoming, funny and so much fun! I mean, once you've seen everyone practically in their underwear, there isn't going to be any shy faces on the wedding day is there?! haha! We were invited out for meals with them, and they showed us all the best places to visit. It was a cracking first few days to what would turn into the best wedding week.

Day 3 - Pre Shoot
we once again piled up all the cars and headed to Lake Bled in convoy, until we hit some of Slovenia's best sites, and we all started to peel off and explore. Me, Charlotte, James and Natalie all headed off together to explore and find some amazing spots for their pre-wedding session! And of course we were spoilt for choice, picking some of the most amazing spots with mountains surrounding us on all sides and the most amazing Lakes you've ever seen. From here we headed onto our final destination, Lake Bled. Until you have seen this place in person you really can't understand how amazingly beautiful it is. You might think looking at all the images below that I've somehow changed the colour of the water and the trees, that my images are too colourful. But believe me when I say, the water really is that blue.


Day 4 - The Wedding day
Now if you've made it this far, well done! I promise I am nearly done. The wedding day started like any other, but that's where the comparison ends, because it really wasn't like any other wedding day. I headed to Charlotte's apartment a short 2 minutes walk from my own. And was greeted by the most amazing modern apartment, in all it's minimal glory. Yup, I was in heaven! The girls spent the morning getting pampered and sipping some of the local blueberry liqueur (and of course some fizz) which was left over from the favours. From here we jumped into a mini bus and headed down to the Lake side to catch a traditional Pletna boat which would be our mode of transport over to Bled Island. Once there, we had a hefty 99 steps to climb up the steep island hill to reach the most beautiful church overlooking the Lake. Where they had a traditional blessing by a local priest completed by ceremonial ringing of the church bells, this was done by both Charlotte & James. Following the ceremony we all headed out onto a terrace where we were greeted by Champagne and sweet treats, and of course more spectacular views.

Fast forward an hour, and we have made the most of ALL The views of Lake Bled, snapped lots of gorgeous family pictures and explored as much as our feet would allow, we hopped back onto 3 Pletna Boats and headed back to the mainland and made our way up to Bled Castle (You didn't think that was it, did you???). Yep. Their reception was in a CASTLE!!!!

So when you hear castle, you think dark and dingy and you know....Castle like. But oh how mistaken you are my friends. Their reception was held in the restaurant of the castle which had the most spectacular floor to ceiling window with a view out over the trees and mountains of Slovenia. With perfectly positioned tables covered in foliage and pretty blooms. The meal which accompanied that damn right amazing view was nothing short of amazing!! A stunning 4 courses which seemed to get better with every bite. 

The party which followed was full of laughter, booze and so much dancing I think my cheeks hurt from laughing so bloody hard - with the briefest interlude where we all trooped outside for some air and we were treated to the most amazing night sky filled with stars, chat, laughter and more drinks! I literally don't think this day could of got any better if it tried.

I'm now sat in the airport waiting to pick up my boyfriend and beaming from ear to ear whilst I write this post smiling uncontrollably about how amazing their day was. (Pretty sure I'm freaking people out) I hope that Charlotte and James had the best day and that everything was completely perfect for them. I want to say a HUGE thank you to not only Charlotte and James, but all their family and friends as well for being completely frigging amazing. Both me and Natalie have had THE BEST week with everyone and couldn't of asked for a better bunch of people to work with. Safe to say I'm going to have major post wedding blues now! 

I also want to say a huge thank you to my amazing second shooter for coming all the way to Slovenia with me and sharing in this awesome experience! Thank you Natalie :)

Thank you so much guys!! x

Now keep scrolling to see their amazing day!