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20 wedding dress alternatives for under £300

Lucy CooperComment

For someone who’s knee deep in the wedding industry like myself, you can’t stop your self thinking about your perfect wedding or anti-wedding as it would be in my case haha. You begin to think about your own wedding plans, ideas and how you would want to say ‘I do’. (Don’t freak out Graham, not just yet).

In my case I never understood the - make yourself poor for all eternity kinds of weddings. The big old dramatic wedding extravaganza which requires you to sell a kidney, remortgage your home, sell your soul to the devil. You know….Those kinds of weddings. Mostly because I know with a little imagination you can create the exact same wedding, but on a budget!

One expense which for me isn’t all THAT, Is (now please don’t kill me for saying this ladies) the wedding gown. Now I am 100% not against boutiques, on the contrary, if I had an excessive amount of money I would be the first one in there prancing around in dresses like Rachel from friends! I could even tell you the gown I’d have cough Rue De Seine cough. But in reality I know for a fact I’d have something budget friendly so I could spend my money elsewhere. Probably so I can go travelling haha! But also so I don’t feel overly precious about my dress, because I can bloody well guarantee it will be filthy by the end of the day. Hey, I’m a photographer after all, I’ll do whatever it takes to get that shot! I’ve always LOVED the options which ASOS offer their customers, their inclusive-ness, the curve collection, the tall collection and the petite collection. So I thought to myself, self, why don’t you put together an informative, useful but also beautiful blog post to help encourage all those lovely couples who like me, are on a budget, or just don’t see the wedding gown as being the MOST important part of your day. And that’s exactly what I did

Whether you are eloping to the chilly climate of Iceland, having a knees up country wedding, a cool AF city wedding or a simple registry office wedding, whether you want a classic white outfit or a bright pop of colour, this blog post has it all! - Comment below with your favourite outfit!





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