Saturday was one of those days that just kind of leaves you a little speechless, excited, and also really freaking anxious all in equal measure. Speechless because of the sheer perfection that was the location, styling and lovely bunch of people I had the pleasure of working with, excited because I couldn’t believe I was the lucky sod that got to capture it all, and anxious because I didn’t want a single thing to go wrong! (Like rain, or timings). But, the photography gods were really shining on us on Saturday because everything and I mean everything aligned.

Ella & Patrick or Pad as he is known to most, are the type of couple you instantly love, the type of duo that are the definition of couple goals. They radiated love for each other even in the smallest glances, or the tiniest touch of a hand, and from the moment they met at the top of that aisle you could tell that they really were the perfect fit. Throughout the day I was struck with how at ease this pair were with each other. Something which made not only their portrait session but their whole day that much more amazing. The portrait session however was an absolute dream, they laughed, they danced and they sang to each other. Something which doesn’t always come naturally or comfortably to everyone. (Which is totally ok!!). This, as a photographer and observer was an absolute pleasure to witness. Not only did it make my job that much easier but it made it that much more enjoyable to simply watch and capture. The true meaning of documentary photography.

Now, before I say this next part, I must stress that I am the least soppiest person on the planet and although I’m a wedding photographer I am a full blown ice queen, and I have yet to shed a full on tear at any wedding. So you’ll understand how momentous this is when I say…It has finally happened! During not 1, not 2, but 3 occasions during the day I had teary eyes! I can’t promise this will continue, but for one day only the ice queen thawed a little.

Ella and Pad and all their family and friends really put their all into creating the perfect day. Their day was held at Ella’s Aunties home in the Cotswold’s, a stunning home which boasted the most spectacular grounds, chief of which was a wild grass walkway decked out with festoon lighting which started at the front gate and lead all the way to a clearing where a huge open sided marquee stood waiting to welcome all of Ella and Pad’s nearest and dearest. From here everyone was ushered to the back garden for their sunny drinks reception, before heading back to the marquee later in the day for a fantastic 3 course meal all prepared by the catering team which used a Land Rover as an oven…..Yep, that wasn’t a typo! An oven Land Rover!

Ella, together with her Mother, Sister and Aunties all worked tirelessly to bring Ella and Pad’s vision of a minimal yet stylish wedding to life. Creating the most beautiful floral hoops which adorned the marquee, the centre pieces, the bouquets, the signs, the lanterns, even the torn edge cotton napkins were carefully and lovingly created by Ella and her family to compliment the gorgeous surroundings of The Priory. And what a fantastic job they did. I swear they all missed their calling as wedding planners and designers!

And I can’t finish up this blog post without a cheeky mention of the wedding dress! I’ve already had many many messages since posting the first sneak peek from ladies who agree her outfit was absolutely incredible. And I couldn’t agree more. It was absolutely stunning. She chose this Half Penny London ensemble because it reminded her of the orchard at the back of her aunties home, one of her favourite places growing up. And what a perfect choice it was, not only did she look an absolute dream, but it complimented their wedding absolutely flawlessly.

I could go on for pages and pages about how perfect this wedding was, but I’m sure you’re bored of hearing me yammer on. I’d much rather let the photos do the talking. Keep scrolling to see all of the prettiness!

P.s. I think Ella needs to become a wedding planner. Who agrees?


Second Shooter - Olivia Whittaker
Dress - Halfpenny London
Boutique - White Closet Studios
Shoes - Topshop
Bridesmaid dress - Ghost London
Grooms suit - Gieves & Hawkes
Grooms Tie - Drake’s London
Groomsmen suits - M&S
Groomsmen Ties - OTAA Australia
Make up - Bryony Dalton Make up
Hair - Martin Crean at Mode
Veil - handmade
Marquee & Festoon lighting - Boutique Marquees
Catering - The Wild Oven
Florals - Lous Blooms