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A glamorous countryside wedding at Marchwiel Hall - Steph and Owain

Lucy CooperComment

Steph & Owain


Best will in the world there are always little hiccups which you can’t account for on a wedding day, like the weather. But what makes a wedding day so incredible is the ability to laugh it off, throw caution to the wind and enjoy every single second of it. And that’s precisely what Steph and Owain did.

Steph and Owain created a day completely perfect for the both of them which encompassed each of their personalities. A chic and glamorous feel in a country side setting, including Steph’s first love, her horse. They had the stunning backdrop of Marchwiel Hall, and a rustic marquee styled to perfection with gold accents and flickering candles. However style wasn’t the only thing they invested in, they made sure that their guests were entertained and had the best time ever. With a special appearance from Martin….I mean Gordon Ramsey, an ice cream van, an incredible band, and a sax player to top the night off.

They didn’t just create a wedding day, they created an amazing experience for all their family and friends with their spectacular attention to detail. Who needs sun on a wedding day? When all you need is good company, awesome entertainment and a lot of laughter. Thank you to Steph and Owain and all your family and friends for making me feel so welcome and making the day an absolute blast!