It’s come to that time of the year where I’ve witnessed/experienced and been included in so many incredible moments and memories that I really struggle to find the words to explain how amazing each and every wedding is. And this wedding is no exception. When Natalie and David contacted me about shooting their destination wedding on the beautiful Island of Vis in Croatia I did the biggest happy dance (no, not in my head, in real life, I did a happy dance in my office - My neighbours know I’m bonkers). I love Croatia and I’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding in this stunning country, but nothing could prepare me for quite this much awesome. They created the most wonderful day for all their family and friends. It started a little later than a normal UK wedding due to the heat in Croatia so everybody had a morning of swimming, relaxing and pampering ahead of the wedding. Their ceremony took place at a Catholic Church in the old town of Vis, through the winding traditional streets full to bursting with locals, tourists, shops and restaurants. It might of been a little bit warm, but their ceremony was beautiful and simple.

From here, Natalie, David and all their guests headed off down a small road to a local ice cream shop where they had organised for each guest to buy an Ice cream to keep them cool in the late afternoon heat. Everybody mingled, chatted and enjoyed the shade of the beautiful buildings. Next came the convoy to the Fort where everybody was greeted by cocktails at sunset on the roof terrace overlooking the ocean. And all I can say is WOW. It was quite a sight to behold. But it doesn’t stop there! They all headed down to the back of the Fort and were welcomed by the most heavenly sight, the most beautifully designed outdoor wedding breakfast lit by Moroccan inspired lanterns and festoon fairy lights, all whilst the sun was setting. (Can you tell I loved every second of this day?)

The rest of the evening disappeared into a wave of hilarious and emotional speeches, beautiful food and some of the best and most hilarious dancing I’ve ever seen! It was ALL kinds of amazing…..Don’t believe me, check out their day below!