Stephen & Alice


I always find writing my sneak peek blog posts really hard. How do you sum up an entire day of love, laughter, tears, dancing, singing and drinking into one post? Seriously how? What can my words do that a photo can’t?

Yesterday is probably the hardest wedding yet because it was so amazing that I’m failing to find the best words to describe it this morning. Cool, quirky, alternative, relaxed and informal are some of the words that spring to mind. Alice and Stephen created a day which was unique to them and their love story. They managed to combine a small bit of tradition with a lot of untraditional elements to create the perfect day for them both. A Church ceremony followed by one heck of an cool party at Telfords Warehouse, a place which pretty much everyone in Chester used to/still goes to! There were no formalities, just laughter and happiness all day long.

Keep scrolling to see their day….