There’s nothing I love more than a stylish, creative, fun, joyful wedding. And that’s exactly what Friday brought me....Or should I say, Sarah and Lewis brought me. 

I’ve followed Sarah for a while now on Instagram and knew that her big day would be styled to perfection. And of course it was. With beautiful minimal decor, foliage a plenty, a dreamy moon gate, as well as fashion that would make you squeal with excitement (or was that just me?). To top it all off, Sarah, Lewis and their family and friends really were some of the most lovely and genuinely hilarious people I’ve ever met, who made me feel so so welcome.

As a wedding photographer it is a genuine pleasure when I get to witness the sheer joy my couples feel during their wedding, but nothing quite prepared me for Sarah and Lewis’s reactions! Sarah spent the day dancing, cheering and laughing with joy and Lewis quite frankly was a little speechless and overwhelmed with having everyone he loves in one place celebrating his and Sarah’s big day. (I know, cos he told me). And I can’t blame him. They created a day which encompassed their style and their personalities, in a location which was simply glorious - and they had buckets of fun while they did it. Which is no mean feet when it comes to planning a wedding!

My words however, don’t do it justice. So keep scrolling to see their amazing day.